Repair Shop

Repair Shop

Tom’s Music House is also very proud of our repair shop. We can restring, solder, shape metal, replace pads, make it shiny, and of course– make it play like new.  The repair shop at Tom’s Music House has been in business for over 40 years.

Call or email for pricing.

Phone: 1-785-243-1710
A $40.00 minimum charge will apply on all repairs. Prices for polishing silver will be determined upon examination of the instrument.
* All major dent work and extra expenses will be estimated and notified before any work will be done.*We warranty all of our work.

*All warranty work must be notified and returned to the shop within 30 days of the repair.

In case of loss or misplacement, we are not responsible for mouthpieces or accessories unless noted on repair ticket.

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