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    • Only $35 down and $35 per month (PLUS $5 Maintenance Fee)
    • You may return the instrument at any time
    • Payments made by credit card or automatic withdrawal




The Yamaha YSL200AD trombone has a laser-fused plasma welded bell for continuous, even bell vibrations. The inner slide is drawn from chrome plated nickel silver for better durability and response. The outer slide is one-piece drawn brass for accurate diameter and better resonance.

The unique slide lock on all Yamaha trombones keeps the slide locked in place and keeps it from accidentally falling. The Yamaha YSL200AD student trombone is comfortable for beginners to play because its weight distribution makes it easier to hold.

Weight: Light
Finish: Clear lacquer
Inner Slide: Chrome-plated nickel silver
Outer slide: Brass; Drawn; One-piece
Mouthpiece: 48
Features: Balanced weight
Pistons/Rotors: Nickel-plated Pistons
Level: Standard Tenor
Key: Bb
Bore M: 0.500″
Bell Diameter: 8″
Shank: Medium
Leadpipe: Gold brass
Body Material: Yellow brass
Bell Material: Yellow brass; One-piece



The King 606 trombone features a 0.500″ bore, 8″ bell, nickel/silver outer hand slide tubes, and clear lacquered.