Welcome to Tom’s Music House online rental program.  This will speed up the process for you and your child as you enter the wonderful world of music.




    • Only $65 down and $65 per month (PLUS $5 Maintenance Fee)
    • You may return the instrument at any time
    • Payments made by credit card or automatic withdrawal



The Yamaha YAS200ADII alto saxophone features a clear durable baked-on epoxy lacquer finish. Nickel plated power-forged keys provide excellent durability while the refined tone hole dimensions and placement provide superior intonation.  Yamaha saxophone keys are not simply shaped and positioned according to mechanical necessity; the entire system is designed form the player’s perspective, with emphasis on comfort, speed, and overall playability.  The natural feel of the keys eliminates the need to adapt to an unnatural or uncomfortable key layout.



The Selmer AS500 alto saxophone features a clear lacquered body and plated keys. It also has a high F sharp key, left and right hand section adjusting screws, a rocking table key mechanism with articulated C sharp adjusting screw, as well as an engraved bell.