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The Gemeinhardt 2SP flute is constructed for durability, and provides years of outstanding performance with minimum maintenance. The young flute player benefits from this flute’s sure, even response, and Gemeinhardt flutes offer the beginning player exceptionally reliable intonation with minimal effort.

A fourth-generation flute maker, Kurt Gemeinhardt dedicated himself to creating remarkably responsive instruments with a beautiful tone that would distinguish them from all others. Today, Gemeinhardt continues his legacy by incorporating the craftsmanship of the past with today’s sophisticated technology to create flutes that are as artful as they are advanced. An instrument of pride for flutists of all talents and abilities.

Durably constructed of the finest materials, Gemeinhardt flutes feature precisely drawn and rolled tone holes, power-coined keys, and their exclusive four-post foot joint construction which make Gemeinhardt flutes exceptionally strong. Other features include Gemeinhardt’s unique embouchure hole design, proportioned tone holes and pad cups to ensure even response and extraordinary tone throughout all registers. In addition, a gizmo key (high C facilitator) is standard on every B foot model flute. Gemeinhardt flutes also feature superior key mechanisms for fast action and outstanding playability.

As the largest exclusive manufacturer of fine flutes and piccolos, Gemeinhardt instruments are known and trusted for their acoustic and mechanical excellence, and are the preference of more flutists the world over. A reference you’ll understand once you play any one of our remarkable instruments.

Armstrong flutes are built to last!  All Armstrong C flutes are still manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana, USA where flutes have been made for generations.

Student flutes feature sturdy silver plated nickel tubing, solid soldering of mechanism and ribs, stable padding with flat interior CNC machined cups and Pisoni pads, secure tuning and sound reflective of American preferences-dark, round and projecting.  This silver-plated model includes a “Progressive” style headjoint which flute teachers have chosen for its crisp response and ease of playing.  Key cups are our special signature flat cup to prevent air leakage.  Heavy plating and sturdy mechanism will assure that your student will play this model for years to come.

Yamaha flutes represent the perfect combination of artistic excellence and technical perfection.  The Yamaha YFL-200AD has a durable design and offers wonderful tone.  Experience clean attack, sensitive response and precise intonation with this Yamaha Advantage flute which has an undercut and beveled embouchure hole.  The double bladder pads in this Nickel silver flute provide maximum seating and make the flute last long.  As this Yamaha Advantage flute is made of nickel silver, it is very durable and its power forged keys make it less prone to breakage.  The strong key post design of this Nickel silver flute provides good durability and strength to maintain accurate rod alignment.  A unique foot-joint alignment marking in the Yamaha YFL-200AD makes proper fitting easier for young players.