Bell Kit

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The Yamaha SPK275 or SPK275R Bell Kits (often referred to as a Percussion Kit), feature an aluminum bell set in a soft backpack case (SPK275R comes with a pull behind rolling cart), 8″ tunable practice pad, X-style stand, music rack, mallets and sticks. For realistic practice and performance, the note names are not stamped on the bars.

The bells start on F instead of G to reduce confusion for beginners and increase scale options. An adjustable music rack position accommodates single sheets as well as books and the X-style stand facilitates quick set-up and tear-down.

Yamaha SPK275 or SPK275R Bell Kit Features:
2-1/2 octave bells with mallets, range F57-C88
No note names on bell bars
Adjustable height stand with music rack
8″ tunable practice pad with sticks
Soft backpack case (SPK275R comes with a pull behind rolling cart)