Band Instrument Repair Specials

Band Instrument Repair Specials 2016
These price specials are good on all Instruments received in our shop.
Starting 11/01/15 Thru 9/1/2016


Flutes, Clarinets, Oboes, Piccolo

Normal check and adjust,

Remove all keys, Lightly buff the keys wash body and oil all pivot screws and keys.


This includes up to 4-pads and any key corks needed. Tenon corks are $15.00 each.

Pro and Open hole models will run extra.


Chemically Clean, Replace corks & Felts, Scrub internal parts of the horn.


Remove reachable dents $40.00 extra.

Solder loose braces $20.00 per joint.

Polishing silver horns extra.


Slide Job Includes Cleaning and Truing Slide.


Rough slides and Rotor Valve $10.00 extra.

Bell and tuning slide dents are $45.00 extra.

Bass Clarinets, $75.00

Alto Saxophones, Bassoon

Remove all the keys and clean the body Normal Check & Adjust, Oil Keys


This includes up to 4 pads & all needed key corks

Tenor Sax $125.00

Baritone Sax $150.00

Neck cork $10.00


School Horns Summer Special

Chemically Clean, Pull Slides, Oil Valves, New Felts & Corks. Dent and Solder work extra.


Baritones / Single French Horns /

Marching Trombones / Marching French Horns

4 valves $10.00 more.

(Double French Horns, $77.00)


Sousaphones & Tubas


4 valve and Rotary Tubas

A $40.00 minimum charge will apply on all repairs. Prices for polishing silver will be determined upon examination of the instrument.

* All major dent work and extra expenses will be estimated and notified before any work will be done.

*We warranty all of our work.

*All warranty work must be Notified and Returned to the shop within 30 days of the repair.

*** The repair shop at Tom’s Music House has been in business for over 50 years. Feel free to come in and see our craftsmanship.

In case of loss or misplacement, we are not responsible for Mouthpieces or Accessories unless noted on repair ticket.

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